Inaccuracy in Caucus Reporting

The Iowa Republican, Caffeinated Thoughts, and KCCI reported on a claim that the caucus results we saw on the internet were not completely accurate. Edward True, a Ron Paul supporter, claims that his district misreported 22 votes for Romney when Rommney actually received 2. Evidently True is not claiming and intentional act; but the 20 votes are significant: they would award the win to Santorum.



Iowa Caucus: Three Take-Aways

The most telling statistic of the Iowa Caucus is the payoff for the money each candidate spent. It tells a story of the integrity of Iowa Republican voters. Iowa voters are not easily persuaded by flashy ads. We want to hear the candidate and discuss his or her record—at length.

Let’s look at each candidates return on investment.


Rural Boone County Chooses Santorum

Report for four precincts in Boone County:

         Ogden P3  P4 P5 Total
Bachmann     6  4  20  1    31
Gingrich    16  6  17  1    40
Paul        13 12  25 11    61
Perry        8  9  20  6    43
Romney      12  0   5 25    42
Santorum    30 14  58  9   111
Total       85 50 165 28   328

According to these precincts, Santorum, Paul, and Perry get the proverbial three tickets out of Iowa.

UPDATE: When all the precincts in the county were tallied, (more…)

Steve Deace Endorses the Candidate Judicial Watch Calls Corrupt

Newt Gingrich Wanted Poster

Corruption for the White House

Judicial Watch lists former speaker Newt Gingrich as a “dishonorable mention” in its top ten most corrupt politicians for 2011. Christian Conservative radio talk show host Steve Deace endorses Gingrich. How does that happen?