Kim Jong-Il Dies of Over-Work

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The Sydney Morning Herald reported that “The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said the leader [Kim Jong Il] ‘passed away from a great mental and physical strain’ at 8.30am [12:30 AM UTC] on Saturday”.

Some have questioned how one could die of physical strain while riding a train. We won’t. We think it is possible that strain can destroy a person’s health so that it is a contributory cause even if he dies after sitting down. We also can imagine that some train rides are jerking, jostling affairs that not are entirely relaxing.

Some have called Kim

mentally unstable, including one of my favorite blogs that wrote:
North Korean state TV reports that their Dear Leader, the murdering psychopath Kim Jong Il, died while on a train trip last Saturday, of “physical overwork”. Presumably, he was carrying the train on his back when this occurred.”

We disagree with calling Kim “the murdering psychopath”. We don’t think he was insane.

We do, however,  observe that this story is anecdotal evidence that hard work alone, even if you work yourself to death, literally, will not make you a good person.

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